Wasp Nest Removal Kent

Is there a wasp nest on your property that requires removal?

Wasps swarm in defence of their nest and pose a health and safety risk. Have a professional remove your wasp today.

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In the insect and pest control industry there are many small and independent operators. They come with years of experience and local knowledge but may well lack the resources needed to deal with some Kent wasp nest removals. At the other end of the scale you have the larger pest control industries that place little attention to customer care and convenience. Our expert wasp nest removal service will give you the best of both words. Our service will provide you with modern technology treatments backed by our thorough accreditation with an individual team made up of technicians that are highly knowledgeable of the Kent area.

Kent wasp control & wasp nest removal experts will provide you with a complete and comprehensive wasp removal service throughout all parts of the Kent area. Our team are on hand to react to your enquiry as soon as we hear from you.

With all the resources necessary to deal with wasp nest and was control problems we are always able to handle your enquiry without passing you on to another company. This means that treatments are carried out without delay allowing you the peace of mind to enjoy your wasp free area. We have a long history of working with clients throughout Kent and have all the necessary equipment to swiftly remove any wasps.​

Kent Wasp Nest Removal

Our technicians have dealt with wasp-nests in all types of property, including houses, garden areas, public buildings and businesses, and they emphasise a discrete, fast-acting treatment no matter where the wasps have set up. Our removal service doesn't just cover exterminating the wasps themselves, we can also remove the hive for you. This can be done yourself relatively easily as they're perfectly safe to handle once we are done.

If you notice activity and suspect an active wasp nest you must call DB pest control on 07850 317 384

Highly Trained & Experienced Wasp Technicians in Kent

Our technicians at DB Pest Control are accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health and the British Pest Control Association. To compliment these accreditations their in-depth knowledge of the Kent area and the insects they treat ensures that you will have a service that will leave you pleased you called.

While their notable qualifications allow the use of high-grade insecticides essential to eliminate wasp infestations, their years of experience with wasp nest removal prepares them for the varied unexpected eventualities that arise when handling with these insects.

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