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Squirrel Removal & Proofing Experts

DB Environmental have a team of expert squirrel and rodent controllers local to the Kent area who are ready to handle any issues that you may have.

Squirrels are regularly found nesting in loft areas and will be identified by familiar scurrying noises in the attic. Squirrels in the attic are trapped and removed by our professional team.

If you have heard suspicious noises or witnessed squirrel activity in and around your property and would like the matter taken care of then call us today. Sleepless nights caused by squirrels in the loft needn’t be an issue!​

Squirrels In The Loft

Squirrels have been responsible for large amounts of damage in some of our customer’s loft spaces. As squirrels must maintain the length of their teeth, they seek to chew on hard surfaces which is often electrical cables. This damage will create a fire risk in your property and will put you and your family at risk.

Squirrels will often breed and nest in attics and lofts where they are able to build comfortable nests in your insulation. A squirrel’s nest or “dray” will comprise of your loft insulation amongst other scavenged materials.

The ongoing damage to wiring and insulation combined with worrying noise that a squirrel infestation will create are factors that you must consider when not acting upon a squirrel problem.

Squirrel Trapping

Having decided on using a professional squirrel removal service we will use trapping techniques to handle your problem. Cage trapping is our chosen method as its highly effective and a cost-efficient method. It is an offence to release squirrels once they have been trapped and with this in mind, we ensure that our staff will dispatch of the rodent quickly and humanely in line with the appropriate laws.

Through the years of testing our trapping methods, we have found that squirrels do not like being in exposed areas and open spaces. Traps are highly effective in the corners and edges of loft spaces, placed in the vicinity of the offending nests (easily identified by the damage!). Squirrels are intelligent creatures and are very wary of new food sources. With this in mind, we have a tried and tested method that involves unarmed traps and our secret sauce, a food sauce that they cannot resist. By reducing other available food sources we ensure that our traps are effective as squirrels will eventually need to eat.​

Daily checks are carried out having set the single, live capture cages. We favour this type of squirrel removal cage and visit frequency to reduce the amount of stress caused to the rodent. Other methods such as spring traps can be used however this is ultimately decided by the environment that your squirrel problem exists. Spring traps again are placed in areas that appear to be frequently used to ensure maximum efficiency in removing your squirrel problem. The disposal of carcasses is carried out in line with environmental regulations.​