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Rodent Removal & Control Experts

DB Environmental offers rodent control services throughout Kent. We present superior rodent control and rat pest control to all sectors including residential customers, businesses, schools and any form of manufacturing buildings. Regardless of the shape and size of your rodent control & rat control problem, it is certain our professionals will take great pride in offering the treatment they supply you with. To secure yourself the finest rat extermination and rat control solutions, be sure to call DB Pest Control, we’ve technicians readily available to advise you with the best-suited plan of action.

Rodent Control Processes

  • Survey – Complete surveys offered following an examination of your premises.
  • Rodent extermination treatments – After an inspection, our professionals will identify the best-suited rat control methods.
  • Rat proofing – Proofing of your premises to prevent additional rat behaviour
  • Results – Our solutions guarantee that rat activity will discontinue if our proofing advice has been adopted.

How To Identify A Rat Problem

  • Rat droppings – Rats create distinct excrement that is extremely hazardous to people
  • Disturbances – Rat activity can be overheard between walls or in the attic space
  • Gnawed surfaces – Rats teeth constantly grow and must be shortened through gnawing harsh surfaces
  • Visible proof – You have seen rats loitering near your recycling bins or entering your property
  • Grease marks – A rat’s oily fur leaves grease marks along frequently used surfaces

Eliminating The Risk

Protection is definitely greater than cure in the pest control industry, particularly around Kent. A food source, water and shelter is everything that rats need to make a home in or across your premises. To help reduce the probability of a rodent outbreak we recommend that you identify those three main needs for rats to exist and decrease your offerings of them. Identify access spots or possibly places where rats will be able to nest and include the examining of the structural reliability of your building as this could be providing points of entry. Should you need any help and support in such checks, we have qualified rat control experts equipped to help you in Kent.

In some circumstances even once these three requirements have been dealt with, extra rat control procedures may be needed and this is the time we advise you contact one of our experienced professionals.

Controlling The Problem

Physical trapping, lure equipment and the application of chemical compounds are among the techniques of rat control that our pest control experts employ. Sticky boards may also be utilised when other solutions aren’t suitable for your specifications. Following the preliminary site assessment, we will implement the best rodent control methods making changes as necessary. Our pest control technicians will be sure to address all areas required surrounding your property implementing the relevant methods.

Rat baits are an efficient method of rodent control. The baiting is available in different types and will influence rat volumes swiftly as the rodents will distinguish the bait as a food supply. Rats are clever creatures and are cautious around new food sources. To make sure that ample ingestion happens our Kent pest controllers utilise baits that become effective after 2 or 3 days. during the process, our pest controllers will supervise the baiting procedure and manage the volume of baits and will dispose of any rats as needed.

The discovery of burrows may lead to the use of gassing rodent control techniques. Rodent control can be achieved quickly and humanely by employing gassing in burrow environments. Fumigation remedies last for a few days, once this period has gone by a second fumigation application will be required to confirm we have reached a rat control free area.