Police Cell & Vehicle Disinfection Kent

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DB Environmental offers a professional police cell and vehicle clean and disinfection service to police services throughout Kent and the south-east area. Pricing and availability are upon request, please call us to find out more information.

Police Cell Cleanup in Kent

DBE has provided this service to a range of clients including:

  • Police cells
  • Police vehicles
  • Local authorities
  • Prisons
  • Airports
  • Bus stations
  • Railways
  • Public communal areas (gyms, swimming pools, spas)

DBE offer cleaning and decontamination services to all public and private authorities. This service is the greatest importance as we provide decontamination services to prevent the spread of contagious diseases (COVID19). Our trained technicians will decontaminate all areas involved to remove the contaminations and prevent the spread.

This service is conducted alongside the removal and cleaning of blood, urine, faeces and vomit which should be removed and cleaned immediately after discovery.

Police Vehicle Cleanup Servicing

DBE are trained and fully qualified in managing cleaning and decontamination scenarios. After an assessment of the area, a thorough deep clean will initiated. Not only will our technicians clean the obvious areas, but an entire room/area clean will also be conducted. This will involve deep cleans of grout, wood flooring, cement, carpet and upholsteries as required.

DBE use the best-in-market decontaminants and cleaning products to ensure that all treated areas are safe and no longer biological hazards to those entering the area post-cleanup. Such products have been designed to ensure that the area is sanitized and odour free.