Mole Removal Services

Moles cause mole hills which can ruin both farmland and private property.

Use our mole removal service and let our team take care of your problem.

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Whilst watching mole hills unearth themselves can be entertainment for some, for most mole hills pose a problem.

Our mole trapping team have a track record spanning many years with numerous moles caught. We have prevented £1000's of damage to farmland, paddocks and parks as well as playing fields and private gardens. Not to mention making farmland safer for livestock.​

The severity of your problem can be established with a site visit. Here our team will assess your property and the required treatments. Any work will commence once you are happy with our proposed methods.

Treating Moles

We employ a couple of techniques in catching and removing moles. As per our assessment the selected mole treatment may be one of the following:

  • Mole Trapping (preferred)
  • Specialist gassing

All of our team have been trained to the appropriate standards to treat for moles and also come with a wealth of experience. We have worked with a range of clients including estate managers, green keepers, groundsmen, farmers and landowners. Check out our testimonial page for proof of our teams prowess when it comes to mole catching.

For more information on Mole removal, please call DB pest control on 07850 317 384

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