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Mole Removal Services

Whilst watching molehills unearth themselves can be entertainment for some, for most molehills pose a problem.

Our mole trapping team have a track record spanning many years with numerous moles caught. We have prevented £1000’s of damage to farmland, paddocks and parks as well as playing fields and private gardens. Not to mention making farmland safer for livestock.​

The severity of your problem can be established with a site visit. Here our team will assess your property and the required treatments. Any work will commence once you are happy with our proposed methods.

Treating Moles

We employ a couple of techniques in catching and removing moles. As per our assessment, the selected mole treatment may be one of the following:

  • Mole Trapping (preferred)
  • Specialist gassing

All of our team have been trained to the appropriate standards to treat for moles and also come with a wealth of experience. We have worked with a range of clients including estate managers, greenkeepers, groundsmen, farmers and landowners. Check out our testimonial page for proof of our team’s prowess when it comes to mole catching.