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Mice Removal & Control Experts

Mice flourish in man-made environments and regrettably could potentially cause considerable damage to your property if left uncontrolled. Electrical shorts and fire damage are common-place outcomes of mice gnawing properties electric and utility wires. Mice also pose several contagious disease risks to the human occupants of homes in which they are living. Mice can shelter in any offered spot in a house where they sense they can stay undetected and as a result, no part of a house is protected from the conditions these rodents might potentially carry.

Dangers Of Mice

Mice leave behind excrement, urine and strands of hair wherever they travel and usually contaminate household areas and food and water sources. All occupants should exercise extreme care when staying in a dwelling with mice, particularly those with young children. It’s common for mice to transport some of the diseases below:

  • Lymphocytic Chorio Meningitis
  • Tapeworms
  • Murine Typhus
  • Salmonella

Mice Deterrence & Control

There are various practices of managing and preventing mice outbreaks. The technique we will apply will ultimately vary upon the scale, reoccurrence and severity of the problem. For lesser mice concerns we will incorporate break back traps, placed purposefully around your property for maximum efficiency. Prior to any application of control strategies for the mice, we will spend time to produce a plan of action established by the evidence discovered.

Alternatively, if there are just too many mice to render traps an inefficient control technique, we can utilise several rodenticides to reduce the outbreak. Most of our rodenticides are usually based upon second-generation anticoagulants such as Difethialone, Flocoumafen and Brodifacoum. The use of these chemicals is restricted to trained and competent professionals.

A Professional Service

As part of responsible service, we take the time to educate you on how to present and locate the mice baits we provide. As the baits are toxic to both mice and us humans, we go through great lengths to inform you of the dangers of rodenticides when used improperly. Implementation of mice baits must be done responsibly and with great care taking into consideration pets and children. Personal protective equipment must be used to reduce the risk of harm coming to yourself whilst dispensing the baits. Having provided the correct baits, PPE and training we will keep notes on all rodenticides used should a medical emergency occur.