Industrial Accident Cleanup Kent

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DB Environmental offers a professional industrial clean up service to private and commercial clients throughout Kent and the south-east area. Pricing and availability are upon request, please call us to find out more information.

Industrial Cleanup in Kent

This service will cover the following instances, as well as closely related scenarios:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Workplace fatalities
  • Blood cleanup
  • Odour management

Industrial accident cleanup involves the cleaning and disposal of equipment that have been affected by bodily fluids after an industrial accident. These accidents come as a result of a workplace accident, injury or fatality.

DBE understands that this can be a troubling time for employers and employees therefore our service is a rapid response, effective in action and carried out professionally. Upon a finalised booking, DBE will work with the employer to make sure that the scene is cleaned thoroughly and to the customer’s requirements.

Should the employer not wish to be involved, we are able to work closely with an agent or alternative arrangement as per the clients need.

Professional Industrial Cleanup Servicing

DBE are trained and fully qualified in managing industrial accident scenes. After an assessment of the area, a thorough deep clean will initiated. Not only will our technicians clean the obvious areas, but an entire room/area clean will also be conducted. This will involve deep cleans of grout, wood flooring, cement, carpet and upholsteries as required.

It is possible that unwanted odours will remain if subflooring and various other effected areas are not assessed and cleaned as necessary. The decomposition of human body fluids and tissue will leave an unpleasant odour therefore special care will be taken by our team.