Honey Bee Swarm Removal

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DB Environmental provide a honey bee swarm removal service all year round, this consists of specialist removal of bees in a safe as well as humane fashion. Considering the dangers that encompass honey bee swarm removal we maintain that all of our professionals are highly trained and prepared for the honey bee swarm removal process. With our efficient treatments, honest and polite staff and affordable pricing, we are certain that you as a client will feel safe and happy with the honey bee swarm mixture we shall provide. Contact us where you will find a friendly and experienced pest control technician who can quickly direct you in the treatment of your honey bee swarm problem!

Emergency Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Many thanks to years of experience providing a superb bee swarm removal service there are not many varieties of bee swarm intrusions that our technicians haven’t encountered which has given us the knowledge and abilities to deal with bees swiftly and inconspicuously. After we’ve removed all residing bees from the nest (eradicating the biggest problem), we make sure that all trace of the nest is removed and disposed of correctly. We are a service that leave you feeling fully pleased about the treatment that you have acquired.

Can I leave a honey bee swarm unattended?

Bee nests incorporate a risk to people regardless of magnitude. As the hot weather departs, most bee behaviour will dissipate also. Nesting queens reproduce more queens which seek sanctuary nearby, for that reason the risk of bees nesting expands around your home or premises. Swarms will begin very small but as they develop their growth is increased as time continues. Nests vary from the size of your hand to virtually the size of one of our heavier pest control technicians! Any functional timbers and insulation materials around your home that lay in the way of a developing wasp nest will be quickly stressed placing your assets at risk. This can have harmful impact to a properties architectural reliability.