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Fox Control

Foxes are causing real issues for both rural and urban landowners. Our rural customers have had issues with livestock being attacked and killed by foxes. Our urban clients have had their properties disturbed by loud noises throughout the night, their bins being strewn across the ground and also issues with pets.

Fox control can come in different forms. From proofing and deterrence to trapping and shooting as necessary. With our experience, you can expect export fox proofing which not only deters your existing foxes but will continue to do so for many years.

Our Approach To Fox Control

Every problem that we have encountered with foxes is different therefore the recommended treatment can vary from client to client. To create a permanent solution a site visit will be necessary to assess your needs. The environment in which your fox problem exists such as property size will have to be considered when choosing the right course of action. All of our treatments are carried out in a manner that is as humanely possible.

Some fox control measures you can expect our team to utilise:

  • Fox trapping
  • Specialist fence designs
  • Fox repellants
  • Rifle shooting (by trained and licensed marksmen)