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The actual consequences of a single flea-bite are fairly small, although the scratching and skin-irritation they cause can often prove intolerable. Other than the soreness of the bite, flea bites have other undesired side effects like the spread of many diseases such as Typhus and Tapeworm. An outbreak of fleas in a family home can impact all aspects of the home such as children and house pets, resulting in harmful health effects both physically and mentally.

For commercial clients, our flea removal services are swift, discreet and will maintain your company image.​

Flea Removal In Kent

There are numerous solutions obtainable on the market for flea prevention, although none of them is ever guaranteed to be 100% effective. Domestic pets expose a much-increased possibility of a flea problem taking hold of a household due to animal behaviour and their hair providing an ideal environment for the reproduction of fleas. Fleas can still be transported without the presence of animals through hosts coming into contact outside of their property and exposing the fleas as they return.

The reduction of living fleas is a fairly easy process using a fine comb and the application of flea remedies but their eggs are more elusive (and resilient to some pesticides). Our flea removal and flea control service are developed for the complete removal of flea existence all through your home; we reach this by working together making sure that the house is dealt with after a deep clean. After a deep clean we shall function on a phased application to clear away the most well-hidden and significantly-entrenched components of the infestation.

Professional Flea Removal Service

Our technicians use a fogger-spray with an insect growth regulator that stops the typically chemical-resistant larvae from achieving reproduction age. In conjunction with the fogger spray, we possess dust at our disposal that when utilised will dehydrate the fleas throughout your house which will minimise them as a pest and will be collected next time you use the hoover for your housework. Our service goes after the source of flea infestations, the eggs and larvae, along with managing the fleas themselves, supplying a complete remedy to infestation rather than a temporary countermeasure.

It is often tricky to know how serious a flea problem is, and if it needs professional help to deal with it. That said, we shall provide all enquiries with a full flea application consultation that will describe the extent of your flea problem and what we plan to do to fix it. Please be mindful that our initiatives will only be completely successful if you work hard with our company to regulate your flea outbreak. We’ll take care of the control of the fleas but please take heed of our advice and keep on top of the procedures that we ask of you, such as the cleansing and laundering of linens and fabrics.