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Cockroach Removal & Control Experts

Cockroaches come in a couple of varieties and can vary in size. Cockroaches all have the ability to spread infection and contaminate your home or business. Alongside infection, cockroaches also carry Dysentery, salmonella and typhoid fever which can cause great harm to humans. Children are highly susceptible to some of the dangerous diseases and infections that cockroaches carry with an immediate effect on the cleanliness of a home.

Allergies to their eggs and faeces are common with resulting swelling and rashes. Cockroaches can also dramatically increase the effects of asthma on humans.

All in all, they can be very unpleasant and must be dealt with swiftly to reduce the possibility of any of these negative side effects. Cockroach’s in the house or kitchen must be handled by a competent professional on the first occurrence.​

An untreated cockroach pest control issue combined with their ability to swiftly reproduce can cause huge upset to home and business owners. We encourage you to act now and use our cockroach removal service in Kent.​

Cockroach Control Processes

There is never smoke without fire and this is very relevant with cockroach infestations. Cockroaches are scavengers and will live off any foodstuffs that can be found. They will eat unwashed plates and cutlery, unsealed food and anything they can find around your waste disposal area. When you combine a food and water source with opening and cracks that they can safely hide in, you have all the conditions for a stressful cockroach infestation.

We encourage you to take extra care when cleaning and to make sure that your waste disposal system is keeping leftover food and waste away from any loitering cockroaches. These precautions are normally enough to keep cockroaches at bay, however, should they get a foothold in your property, you will struggle to remove cockroaches.​

DB Pest Control will utilise a method that combines preventative and insecticidal techniques. Our insect control technicians will locate their hiding places and use professional chemical products (not available off the shelf) in high doses in targeted areas to quickly exterminate cockroaches and leave your home or business in a safe condition.​

Smaller populations of cockroaches can be treated with recommendations on cleaning and waste disposal procedures. Cockroaches are known in the pest control trade to be particularly difficult to treat making a straight forward chemical treatment very ineffective.​

Cockroaches with food, water and shelter will not make their own way out of your property. If you have provided them with all of these elements, then they will be there to stay. Removal of cockroaches can only be achieved using a systematic approach and if untreated will spread to other properties in the vicinity. With aggressive and thorough treatments our insect control team will ensure that total eradication is achieved with zero possibility of another cockroach infestation.​

Cockroach Infestations

Infestations can be a highly stressful encounter for you and your home or business. It will have direct effects on the health and safety of your family and customers. Our insect controllers will work alongside you in achieving complete sanitary care of your property to reduce food and hiding places. These steps of care taken by our team will ensure that the cockroach treatment has long-lasting results and remains effective for a long time to come. Having dealt with cockroach infestations of all sizes we can offer our advice and experience that will assist you long after we have finished our work. By educating you alongside our treatment we have ensured that your property will remain cockroach free.