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Cluster flies don’t pose a threat to humans, they’re not parasitic and they don’t lay their eggs in our food. However, a large number of cluster flies and their nest can provide a nuisance to homeowners, tenants, business owners and customers. Not only that they leave detritus on your property in various places around their nest.

Like many insects, they seek warm shelter to hibernate for the winter. They mature in the later months of the summer and then seek refuge for the colder months. We as humans provide the perfect habitat for nesting cluster flies as they are able to enter your property through small cracks and fissures. Once inside your Kent property, they will find areas where they are left in peace to nest for the winter. Areas such as unused rooms and attics are a regular nesting spot. If you’re looking for fly removal in Kent, then we can help.

The name cluster fly comes from their ability to gather together in large groups, particularly around windows in an attempt to get outside after the winter months. This normally occurs once their hibernation season has run its cause. They are harmless (much different to the likes of bees or wasps) and have no interest in aggressive behaviour.

Cluster flies in large numbers can cause stress and concern for many homes and business owners. We recommend our fly removal service in the Kent area. For a free consultation from one of our fly removal team then call today!

Cluster Fly Proofing and Removal

With many insect pest control problems, we recommend thorough waste management and we recommend proper disposal of waste. However, with cluster flies they have the ability to lay their eggs in your garden area and thus tidying up your waste issues will have little effect.

For the amateur trying to take care of their cluster fly problem, it can be very difficult to locate the swarm or to find their access points. Cluster flies also release a pheromone around their chosen hibernation spot which attracts more cluster flies! This ability means that we must take great care in ensuring that a swarm cannot re-establish itself by other flies that have been drawn in by the scent.

Unlike many other insects that build hives and other nesting structures, cluster flies will congregate in hard to reach crevices and crack which means conventional treatment will provide poor results. We have two methods to target the cluster fly, first, we have the knockdown fog treatment or secondly, a smoke generator to get rid of cluster flies. These methods used in areas where they are hibernating will have very positive effects on cluster fly numbers.

All of our highly trained and competent technicians understand cluster fly behaviour and will be well equipped to permanently get rid of flies in the house.

In some circumstances even once these three requirements have been dealt with, extra rat control procedures may be needed and this is the time we advise you contact one of our experienced professionals.

Expert Cluster Fly Removal

Due to cluster flies typically behaving in the same manner throughout the year it’s common for our fly removal service to peak around the December month. People venturing into the loft for Christmas decorations is a common occurrence. Pest problems at this time of year are an unnecessary distraction from the festive period which is why we encourage to use our professional fly removal service.