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Bird Control Services In Kent

Birds such as seagulls and pigeons are found throughout Kent and can be a nuisance particularly during the mating season. If you have any bird issues, then please call and one of our team will be able to assist you. We will provide some information or we can schedule a free appointment for one of our bird pest control technicians to come and take a look at your property.

We have vast experience in the installation of bird control solutions such as bird netting and bird spiking for customers from large scale commercial installations to small residential bird control issues at domestic properties. Our reputation has amassed from a high standard of quality in the service and solutions that we supply. Give us a call today to invest in better care for your property.​

Pigeon Pest Control Solutions

Pigeons and other feral birds such as crows and seagulls can cause no end of problems when left uncontrolled which can result in many problems for Kent property owners. Whether its roosting pigeons, nesting gulls or other, smaller birds they must all be controlled in a humane and efficient bird control system. These systems are usually bird nets or bird spiking systems, both of which our pest control team can provide. With experience across the board in all forms of bird control, we are able to offer you total guidance in the management of your bird pest control problem. With many clients benefitting from our long-lasting, professionally installed systems we encourage you to book an appointment with one of our team.


Falconry services are available through DB Environmental Services as a highly eco-friendly solution to controlling nuisance birds.

For what reasons could you employ falconry?

  • Seagulls can become aggressive during the mating season to protect their young. Large numbers of pigeons can become a health hazard due to their fouling as well as the unsightly damage that can occur to your property.​
  • Bird populations can consume large amounts of feed ​and seed that is intended for agricultural land and livestock.

Why is falconry pest control so effective?

DBE will deploy birds of prey in areas of concern to deter nesting. This deterrence method is so effective as the bird of prey intimidates your problem birds, forcing them high into the air to avoid attack.

Falconry is used as a solution through frequent visits. A regular programme will cause your problem birds to abandon their chosen roosts due to the threat of predation.

Falconry is a great solution for areas with limited access.

Bird-Friendly Control

As responsible pest controllers and lovers of all creatures, we seek to use the least harmful control measures to deter any unwanted bird activity. Do it yourself fixes for bird problems can cause harm to the animals but also against the law depending on what measures you take. Pigeon control in Kent is governed by strict legislation that must be adhered to by all. Our pest control company in Kent carry all of the relevant and necessary licenses to carry out bird control. Our reputation throughout the Kent area is founded on our happy customers that have seen desired results from their investments. Call now to chat with a responsible pest control team and let’s get your problem sorted.

Bird Netting Kent

Countless clients throughout the Kent area have utilised our pigeon netting services to reduce and control bird activity on their property. Our bird netting solutions will completely combat unwanted roosting and nesting in areas that we install. If you are looking for a bird control measure that will put a stop to your concerns, then get in touch and one of our bird pest control technicians will be sure to assist. Our systems are well priced and the benefits will be noticed instantly. Pigeons have had detrimental effects to many properties that have not addressed the problem behaviour. For our commercial clients, we insist that bird control is considered to maintain your property and company image.

Our bird netting systems are installed to counter bird behaviour and the effects are seen as soon as we leave. The systems have no negative impact on the birds well being and we hope to encourage them to nest in more natural habitats. A professional netting install will stop birds of all shapes and sizes.

We have installed pigeon nets that have covered all locations from ledges to entire roofs of tall buildings. The performance and results of a bird netting installation are unlimited and can be used in locations of any size. The beneficial outcomes in the complete elimination of problem bird activity will be evident.​

Areas such as loading bays, overhead structures and balconies are areas that benefit most. These areas are hot spots for roosting and nesting birds and it is here we have the most experience in. Bird control netting is a cost-effective approach to the reduction of bird activity on your property.​

Bird Spiking

Kent bird spiking installation provided by Local Pest Control Kent. We have many years’ experience in delivering highly effecting bird spiking systems that have helped many of our residential and commercial clients. Our bird pest control technicians are on hand to provide you with support in identifying your problem and the necessary steps towards a solution.

Bird spike systems are a thorough bird control measure that will give complete control in the desired area. The spikes that are used point in all directions giving roosting bird no opportunity to land and become a nuisance. Pigeon spikes come in all shapes and sizes which will give your installation a clean and tidy finish. Pigeon spikes are fitted throughout the Kent town centre and on many of the industrial estates. With these installations comes experience which allows us to offer you complete pigeon removal services.

Pigeon spikes have great effects and success on any surface and our solutions have provided pigeon removal on ledges, walls and an assortment of roof coverings. Commercial signs and also solar panel systems. Solar panels are the new craze and they are offering roosting birds the perfect area to create nests. Solar panel pest control and solar panel bird proofing must be installed as pigeons and other birds can have hugely negative effects on the condition of your roof. If you are having solar panels installed and would like to ensure that you have no problem bird activity, then get in touch via the contact form or email and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pigeon deterrent systems operate successfully without bringing any harm to the birds that attempt to land. These systems are the recommended pigeon control system by the RSPB in the obstruction of nesting and roosting. NO injury comes to the birds as they do not touch the spikes.​

Kent town centres have had great success with the installation of pigeon spikes. The spikes help in the dispersal of large groups of birds greatly reduces the number of faeces and the detrimental effects it has on buildings. If you are looking for pigeon spiking systems or pigeon deterrents then get in call now!​