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Kent Bed Bug Pest Control

Bedbugs are relatively harmless but one of the most consistent pests that our pest control service has to combat in the Kent area. Although their name suggests that they live in your bed, the vast majority of bed bugs live in small gaps, crevices and between the floorboards and venture out to feed when you sleep.

A bed bugs bite is the telltale sign that you have a bed bug problem which will appear in the form of a rash or sometimes blistering. In rare cases, we have encountered people that have allergic reactions to bed bugs.​

A lone bed bug can produce around 4000 nymphs which can lay dormant for a time period of up to 18 months in bedsheets, clothing and upholstery allowing them to spread quickly and across vast distances.

​DIY bed bug removal is just as stressful as the infestation itself. Time, money and wasted energy is often the case as preventative measures available to the general public usually return poor results. Replacing mattresses and bedding rarely cures the problem.

Bed bug infestations that remain untreated can have hugely detrimental effects to your health, your families health or perhaps your customers too. Call us today on 07850317384 for a bed bug consultation with one of our pest control experts.​

Bed Bug Proofing and Removal

As we mentioned before, DIY remedies for bed bugs nearly always fail at eradicating your bed bug problem. These “cures” don’t take heed to the insect’s ability to stay hidden for long periods of time, to only re-appear and breed once your preventative efforts have diminished.

To have a totally positive outcome in the eradication of bed bugs, we require your complete co-operation when working alongside our pest control technician. Cleaning, hovering and washing any garments and linens lay the foundations for our technicians to treat your property. Bed bug removal can only be achieved with a comprehensive programme of consistent treatments applied using various removal methods.

A fog spray used in conjunction with an insect growth regulator will prevent the bedbugs from reaching maturity and being able to breed. Conventional insecticides rarely provide the results you would expect due to the bed bugs ability to resist these treatments. Due to the environment that bed bugs usually exist, we insist on using no toxic or chemical methods when removing bed bugs.

​To ensure complete eradication we employ a third treatment known as Diatomaceous Earth which is a fine powder. This fine powder will dehydrate and kill the insects without the use of any further chemicals. This powder is safe for use around humans and can be hovered up once our technicians have deemed that the bed bugs have been completely removed.

Although bed bug pest control might appear to be an easy task, a complete solution is a complicated proves. Our tiered approach to bed bug removal combines our experience utilising modern technologies to ensure that there is no possibility for further bed bug activity once we have treated your property.

All of our bed bug technicians are fully aware of the issues that come with operating in sleeping environments and as a pest control company in Kent in understanding that such an intense procedure can discourage you from having your property treated. We ensure that you are fully informed from beginning to end and all of our instructions will be clear and concise for you to act upon.

Our technicians will make certain that you fully understand what is required and we are always just a phone call away. Call now to have your issue taken care of.​