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Pest Control Delivered Throughout Kent

As times go by, the pest control business in the Kent area keeps changing. In the heated months, we have our wasp nest elimination teams busy taking care of customers while in the months of winter, rodent control experts are out and about taking care of rats and mice that are looking to cradle for the winter. Our expertise is invaluable since it is our knowledge that has been gleaned by the attendance of courses, seminars as well as experience with regard to dealing with pests in the Kent area. This is the reason why we view ourselves as one of the leading pest control in Kent.

For all the people living in Kent, our services are readily available as well as reaching far into the neighbouring villages and towns. Quick response times also allow you to have peace of mind as your pest issue is being handled by a well trained and competent professional. Always feel free to give us a call and we will have one out of our cooperative team to take your specifications and any additional information you may have about your pest concern and sufficient advice to enable you to proceed from then onwards. Always expect a response within a few hours though this varies based on our workload. If you are looking for the reliable pest control company in Kent, then you are at just the right place.

Trusted By Local Business Throughout Kent

We deliver environmental treatments to different industries. Both preventative and reactive, our solutions offer peace of mind.


Commercial & Domestic Solutions

With our pest elimination services in Canterbury, we always have a fast and powerful solution for customers whether their needs are for industrial or residential properties. The technicians have been well trained and are up to the standards set by the BPCA to allow the provide you with professional, long-lasting service that will be sure to take care of your situation with the most effective approach and definitely reliable results.

Home Owners

For residential customers, pest control emergencies are carried out on the same day basis whenever possible. Our residential services require only a single visit and the pest controllers will be able to handle the pest problem quickly. By having a look at our service page, you will notice that we cover rats, mice and every other form of rodents, insects and in the warmer seasons, we have a wasp removal team to call on as well.

Business Owners

For business owners, our services include a free no string attached survey which gives us an opportunity to investigate your pest difficulty and then offer up professional recommendations that are aimed at handling your building and creating a pest-free environment. Additionally, we ensure that any disruptions, if any, are kept to a lowest and services are always conducted in a discreet way in order to sustain your credit.

Our Solutions

The range of pest control solutions that we provide is available either in a single-stage or multi-stage visits which depend on the severity of your problem. The single visits are normally for wasps and bed bug sprays are quite frequent and additionally, we also use the same for flea therapy services too. For the rodents, this can call for several visits as it might require setting up of traps which have got to take effect before proceeding. This also applies to garden mole removal as well as for insect treatments. All the details get described before any remedies commence and ultimately, you will have to decide on what the best course of action is a desirable outcome.

The programs will respond promptly to your primary needs and this often comes as a pest survey to point out exactly what is needed to correct the persisting issue. Also, a site survey of the premises will give us a full understanding of the pest’s behaviour as well as potential causes. For instance, how they gain access to your property and bringing about an undesirable nuisance. Also, we will show you how to prevent further issues such as providing education on trash management as this is often a regular food source for the pests.

Our company works to remove current pest problems and then be able to proof your property against further intrusions. The problem is addressing the issue that could have lead to the pest activity and our technicians will help you to create a kind of property that will not attract any more unwanted attention. Having contacts can also help you avoid an emergency or even avert a disaster as we will rush in to handle the situation as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Generally, the cost in the Kent area may vary based on the work requirements that your particular situation may hold. There is no size fits all strategy as the scale of the pest infestations could vary from one job to the other. However, our specialists are able to present you with estimated pest elimination costs over the phone and you have to be the one that gets in touch with us.